CNHI is seeking a Content Editor for the weekly St. Clair Times Aegis in
Pell City, Ala.

Position Overview:
The Content Editor assists in the oversight of the print and online
products of The St Clair News Aegis. This position requires the highest
level of professionalism in appearance, tone and service.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:
Adhere to journalistic ethics as established by CNHI, and assure
reporting is done with balance and objectivity.
Oversees the overall design of the newspaper. In this role, this
individual must also possess and use strong editing skills to ensure the
newspaper, niche publications and digital postings are at a high level.
Assist in assuring the newspaper is meeting its responsibility as a
public watchdog.
Acts quickly during the times of breaking news and ongoing coverage of
such events.
Communicate with audience members, answering questions and providing
Assist in the development of website and e-delivery systems.
Understand and contribute to The St Clair News social media sites and
website, per the newspaper and CNHI guidelines.
Work with editors and staff to coordinate and assure full coverage of
news, human interest and sports in the market, including special
sections, community magazines and niche publications.
Oversees newshole, content flow, and deadlines.
Be able to perform any task within the Editorial department, including,
but not limited to, reporting, photography, editing, and digital posting.
Work closely with upper management team, including directors of
advertising, circulation, production and the business office.
Works in an efficient and productive manner with other management team

Knowledge & Skills:
News reporting and photography.
Strong news judgment as it relates to marketing and presentation of
Strong leadership skills.
Customer service skills via phone, email and in-person.
Organizational skills, including how to attain and meet strict deadlines.
Understanding the role of social media in relation to reporting and
content delivery.
Computer skills, including keyboarding and working with different
software or business/editorial systems as assigned, including, but not
limited to, News Edit, TownNews and Newscycle (or equivalent until learned).

Required Qualifications:
College degree preferred; experience or training in journalism or
related fields required.
Experience in overseeing a newsroom or as a section editor of a newspaper.

Please send resume and cover letter to Amy Henderson, Editor, Cullman
Times at