2022 Football Game Pass Lottery

The 2022 Alabama Press Association college football pass lottery will go live on Monday, August 15 at 10 a.m. CST. The University of Alabama has informed us that they will not participate in the pass program this year. Auburn University will offer selective access. Thank you for your interest and participation in this program. All access is subject to cancellation. We will let anyone affected know ASAP when/if that notice is given.
  • Game Pass Information

  • Please choose one. If you are a publisher, completing for a staff writer or photographer, PLEASE confirm that they can attend the dates selected as priority and put their full name and email in alternate contact info. section.
  • An additional email and/or phone number to ensure contact regarding tickets.
  • Game Choices

    Please select games in order of your priority. Please note, this is not a guarantee you will receive a game pass. PHOTOGRAPHERS ONLY: The only games with sideline access (1 per game) are the 9/3, 9/10, 10/29 and 11/19 games. Please ONLY select these as there will be no access for photographers at other games.