Memorial Contributions

If you would like to remember those who spent their lives in journalism, memorial contributions can be made to the APA Journalism Foundation.

The APA Journalism Foundation spends earnings from its endowment to promote, encourage and assist the advancement of education in the field of journalism.

To make a memorial contribution contact Felicia Mason at 1-800-264-7043.

Or, mail your donation to: 

Felicia Mason
APA Journalism Foundation
3324 Independence Drive #200
Birmingham, AL  35209

* Please make checks out to APA Journalism Foundation. An acknowledgement of all contributions will be sent to the family. Please provide an address if possible.

Annual Pledge Drive

In 1968, members of the Alabama Press Association officially incorporated the Alabama Press Association Journalism Foundation. The articles of incorporation state, in part, that the purpose of the organization is to sponsor, promote, encourage, support and assist, financially and otherwise, the advancement of education in the field of journalism.

The first pledge drive in 1968 raised $100,000 over ten years and subsequent pledge drives in 1985 and 1993 allowed us to provide a strong connection to journalism education in Alabama.

In 2006, we began a five-year pledge drive that raised over $105,000. Most APA members participated, and I want to ask you to renew your pledge for 2016. If you were not among those who have participated previously, I want to ask you to consider joining this effort for 2016.

With these funds, we began a new Pilot Program providing $1,000 grants for high school newspapers. School newspapers can partner with their local newspaper to apply for funds to start a student newspaper or purchase supplies for a current newspaper. This program has been an incredible success, disbursing over $25,000 to Alabama school newspapers so far.

We hope you consider your contribution and the efforts of the Foundation as an investment in the future of our industry.  We want to build on the progress made in promoting journalism education in Alabama. The future of our industry depends on establishing new readers and building our potential workforce.

Thank you for your support.

2180 Parkway Lake Dr.
Birmingham, AL 35244
Phone: 205.871.7737
Fax: 205.871.7740