2018 – 2019 APA/ANAS Board Members

Elected February 16, 2018

Kenneth Boone


Tallapoosa Publishing

Scott Brown


Tennessee Valley Media 

Horace Moore

1st Vice President

Mid-South Newspapers

Jim Rainey

2nd Vice President

The Tuscaloosa News

Darrell Sandlin

District 1


Brandon Cox

District 2

The Jackson County Sentinel

Terry Connor

District 3

North Jefferson News

Denise DuBois

District 4

The Citizen of East Alabama

Parks Rogers

District 5

Gulf Coast Newspapers

Eddie Dodd

District 6

The Abbeville Herald

Tricia Clinton-Dunne

District 7

Fort Payne Times-Journal

James Phillips

District 8

The Daily Mountain Eagle

Dee Ann Campbell

District 9

The Choctaw Sun-Advocate

K.A. Turner

District 10

Alabama Media Group

Robert Bozeman

District 11

Evergreen Courant

Steve Smith

District 12

The Dothan Eagle

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