The 2019 APA Media Awards Advertising Contest is now open and accepting entries. The editorial portion of the contest is also open and the magazine contest will be opened on January 23. Click here to visit the contest portal.

This year, there were changes made to allow for 4 entries for categories in each contest that allows for multiple entries (instead of 3 as in previous years). This was done to alleviate some of the difficulty when choosing your best of the best work to enter

The contest committee also moved to clarify the definition of a ‘niche publication’ to separate those products published less than 4 times a year (niche) and those published more than 4 times a year (magazine).

As a reminder, it is a requirement to volunteer as a judge for our 2019 partner’s (the Illinois Press Association) contest, in order to qualify as a contestant in the APA Media Awards.  The IPA contest deadline is January 31. Click here to sign up as a judge. This is a great way to check out what other newspapers in the country are doing and to spark ideas.