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The Wilcox Progressive Era newspaper in Camden, AL  announced Wednesday their plans to reveal a new website to the public on June 23rd, 2016. This new addition will be the first digital media venture the publication has undergone in it’s near century-long history.

The website ( is an attractive, user-friendly news platform that will host an exact, digital replica of the printed newspaper, in lieu to supplying a more “in-depth” news experience through features only made possible through the magic of the internet.

“Digital technology allows us to add extra dimensions to our coverage,” said Van Sice, “we will no longer be constrained by space or time. We can post as many photos, videos, or sound bytes as we want, thus allowing the readers to immerse themselves in our reports like never before.”

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According to Van Sice, the website will also do away with the paper’s constricting stigma of being “just a weekly publication.” The site will  constantly be updated throughout the week with “Breaking News” . Readers can opt-in to receive e-mail or text alerts with “up-to-the-second” information anytime something is added to the site. Readers will be able to gain access to the Online material by purchasing an Online Subscription through the site’s PayPal module. Visitors will also have the option of purchasing a Printed Subscription, or a bundle of the Online + the Printed Edition.

Current “Era” readers who already have an annual subscription will have the option of “upgrading” their Print Subscription with additional Online access through a special Promo Offer. Access codes will come in the subscriber’s mailbox. In the meantime, customers can send a private message to the Progressive Era’s facebook page. They will be sent a Promo Code as soon as their subscription is confirmed.

The site will also house portals that can link readers to other, national or state wide news sources, The Alabama Crimson Tide’s homepage, or The Auburn Tiger’s homepage. New crossword puzzles will be added to the site every couple of days. A “Video of the Week” will be posted frequently pertaining to some current event or news story in Wilcox County. An “Event Calendar” will keep everyone in the know about upcoming occasions, and the “Photo Gallery” and “Archives” section will allow readers to jump back to a specific point in time with just the click of a mouse.Any photos taken by Progressive Era employee’s will be available for purchase in high quality prints to anyone who visits the site.

In order to promote their new website and bring attention to its features, The Progressive Era has decided to allow all visitors unprecedented access (free of charge) for a 3 week promotional period. The window will be open from Thursday, June 23rd until Wednesday, July 27th. After that date, visitors will be asked to buy a subscription to 1 of the 4 package options available.

“We knew it was high time for the “Era” to leap bravely into the 21st century,” chuckled Van Sice, “any news publication worth it’s salt simply MUST have a website if it wants to keep up.”

The team at the Wilcox Progressive Era is excited about this development, and they hope it also helps promote more community involvement. “Of course we want ya’ll to hear what we have to say,” Van Sice said, “but we also want to hear what you guys have to say. Registered subscribers will be able to post “comments” to almost any news story featured on the site, and we’ll have weekly polls set up for anyone to input their opinion. This website as more than a proxy for the old paper; it’s a way for everyone’s voice to be heard.”